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My Approach

Conscious Counseling meets Curated Consultation. This is uncharted personal and professional development.

A new practice that takes the field of counseling psychology, applies it to real-time situations, and scales for small or large group settings.

Geared toward developing person-centered, culturally-competent, and morally-focused resolutions, I work with individuals and audiences alike to generate psychologically-derived outcomes, that are both actionable and considerate of all situational lenses.

My approach was developed out of a blindspot I noticed in the professional world:

Our attempts to form solutions for ourselves and others are derived out of psychology, yet we often don't have an advanced understanding of psychology involved to get there. My keynotes & programs brings the education of psychology into focus, modeling the idea that real change is derived from real understanding. We cannot develop ourselves if our solutions don't reach the core of the problem.

Understanding that something is changeable and actionable doesn't lead to change and action. Understanding why something is changeable and actionable puts the individual in the drivers seat for change and action.

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