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My Story

A consistent advocate for reframing our thinking, I realized I needed to reframe my professional trajectory when my help was  being sought outside of the population I was certified to work with as a therapist: middle schoolers.


A Rhode Island native and Bostonian for 6 years (where I received my BA in Communications at Northeastern University), I moved to NYC in 2017 to pursue the next chapter of my educational career. A 2019 graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University, I received my joint MA and EdM in Counseling Psychology and School Counseling and took my credentials to work in various schools in the NYC area as the plan projected.


Not long after I graduated, friends, family and new acquaintances alike were seeking me out for therapeutic advice. Always willing to offer guidance, I found that solution-focused therapy (the foundational therapeutic theory for school counseling) was what people were often looking for. After a serious medical condition left me paralyzed for several weeks, it was my own expertise that I too, was leaning into for guidance.

The Bri Undeniably podcast was created shortly after this to share stories and advice from my own journey that I knew was pertinent and beneficial to a worldwide audience. In tandem, Bria Dorothia LLC was developed in December 2020 with the goal to create a business that offers psychologically-backed, human-focused, counseling-derived solutions to the several fields of the world that could benefit.

I have since presented keynotes, workshops, trainings, and guided counseling programs all with the same end-goal in mind: "Buy into the possibility of you." It was the mantra I developed for myself when I wasn't sure if I'd ever physically walk again. It has since been my mission for everyone I work with to adopt that same mentality.


Life is unpredictable and can paralyze us - physically or metaphorically - at any moment. But what paralysis takes is nothing compared to the power we can offer ourselves with a warrior mindset dedicated to unlocking our future possibility.

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